Here are both of my drawings, available for fellow #kakampinks to download and use for FREE! I am doing this to campaign for the candidate that I believe in. The one who will lead and inspire us into a brighter, more positive Philippines. The one who believes in good governance & transparency. The one who listens and is open to dialogue and collaboration. And the candidate is our very own Vice President Leni Robredo.
So download these drawings for free, you can print them as stickers, postcards, notebooks, shirts, whatever. But please, do not alter the image. Simply use it as it is And don't forget to share and let's continue the fight for Leni & Kiko. ​​​​​​​Download these at this link
These stickers are also available at the Common Room craft store as part of a
DIY rosas kit for all the Leni Volunteers. See their post below.